• Top 10 celebrity hair transplant photos

    Top 10 celebrity hair transplant photos

  • What can hair implants do for you?

    What can hair implants do for you?

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Facial Hair Implants

Posted January 18th, 2011 in Facial hair implants, Hair implant surgery, Hair implants for men by edanb

Common hair loss problems of most people are concentrated around the scalp area. So whenever hair transplant is mentioned, most will conclude the cause to be a balding head. However hair transplant is a general term for transfer of hair from one area of the body to another and the procedure can extend to augmentation of facial hair as well.

In most cases partial or complete loss of hair on ones eyebrow, beard or mustache results from surgery, burns, trauma and medical treatments. This prompts most to augment facial hair to achieve a better, more natural look. In other cases people are unsatisfied with the slow rate of growth for their facial hair or the lack of it. This can be hereditary and a remedy for this is to choose to augment them with facial hair surgery.

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