• Top 10 celebrity hair transplant photos

    Top 10 celebrity hair transplant photos

  • What can hair implants do for you?

    What can hair implants do for you?

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Facial Hair Implants

Common hair loss problems of most people are concentrated around the scalp area. So whenever hair transplant is mentioned, most will conclude the cause to be a balding head. However hair transplant is a general term for transfer of hair from one area of the body to another and the procedure can extend to augmentation of facial hair as well.

In most cases partial or complete loss of hair on ones eyebrow, beard or mustache results from surgery, burns, trauma and medical treatments. This prompts most to augment facial hair to achieve a better, more natural look. In other cases people are unsatisfied with the slow rate of growth for their facial hair or the lack of it. This can be hereditary and a remedy for this is to choose to augment them with facial hair surgery.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The eyebrow is located just above the eyes of a person making it one of the first things we notice when we look at or talk to someone. This central feature causes many to become overly conscious about their eyebrows.

A lot of people want to get thicker eyebrows because it makes them look younger and more beautiful. This is possible through eyebrow hair implants which will usually provide one with finer eyebrow hairs enhancing their appeal.

Beard and Mustache Hair Transplantation

Another area that many men consider very important in terms of looks is the surface surrounding the mouth. A proper beard or mustache provides a look that many find appealing. This prompts men who have less hair in the area, usually hereditary, to augment them through hair graft surgery.

One advantage of this hair implant is that you can dictate the growth pattern you want since you will be asked by the doctor to map out how you want your new beard to grow. Also another common reason for undergoing a hair transplant surgery in this area is to cover up scars.

The procedure for facial hair transplant is very similar to ones done on the scalp.

Identify Donor Area
The hair to be transplanted will have to be sourced from other facial hairs that are abundant in supply, body hair or scalp hair. The transplanted hair may not initially have the same qualities as those in the recipient area, but over time it will adapt them.

Extract hair
Typical method used for extracting facial hair is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. This is because the method involves extracting individual hair follicles and avoids the use of a scalpel and subsequent stitches resulting in minimal scarring. Since the face is a very visible surface all measures should be taken to ensure that no trace of an operation was undergone. The process involves punching a very small hole into the donor site to extract the hair.

Trim the Follicles
Like in any other hair transplant procedure, the follicles have to be cut into individual grafts prior to planting.

Transplant folliclesThe designated area will have already been pre-marked and small incisions will be made in the area mimicking the natural growth pattern of hair. The grafts will then be inserted into these holes in numbers of 1 or 2 follicles per graft.

Things to remember
Hair growth can be slow initially and you might see some hair follicles fallout. Don’t immediately be alarmed as this does not automatically mean that the procedure failed. If you are really concerned you should call your doctor to inquire about the occurrence.
If there are abnormalities that result from the operation like itchiness or bulging then call your doctor and avoid scratching or touching the area because you might pull out the hairs.

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  1. Lucian Popa says:

    what is the maximum density available for this procedure , i mean how many hairs/follicles per square centimetre.Also what is the an estimate price for a large number of hairs transplanted ( 2000 +) to the beard .Thank you.

  2. Josh says:

    So how much do beard and mustache hair transplant cost?

  3. Ed Tonus says:

    I’m looking to get information/cost on getting an area on my beard implanted. The area is below the moustache.

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