• Top 10 celebrity hair transplant photos

    Top 10 celebrity hair transplant photos

  • What can hair implants do for you?

    What can hair implants do for you?

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Welcome to HairImplantsHQ, the leading resource on the internet for everything related to hair transplants! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your research into the world of hair implants. Before and after photos, information about costs and surgery procedures are just some of the things you will find here.


Artificial Hair Implants

A normal hair transplant surgery will involve the transfer of hair from a donor area to the recipient area. Transferred hair is kept “alive” and the medical techniques involved allow for perfect grafting and growth once the new hair is “planted.” The result is a natural look because the new hair is after all the patient’s own, just redistributed.

A problem arises when the patient has lacking donor hairs in his scalp. If the hair loss has reached a degree that there is no more area that can be farmed hair implant surgery becomes difficult. One option to remedy this problem is taking hair from either the chest or the legs if the patient has an abundant supply there. This has been successfully done already and the results can look natural as well. This procedure is expensive however because there is a different technique used in the extraction of body hair and it takes longer as well.

Artificial Hair

Another option to consider is the use of artificial hair implants. These are synthetic or man-made hair which are used in place of real hair. Several things that you should know about artificial hair are:

  • They do not grow
  • They can be matched to your own hair type and color
  • Since it is synthetic a small percent of patients are sensitive to the fiber
  • It requires regular maintenance
  • Can cause infection if not properly maintained

So for people who do not have enough donor area, artificial hair is a good option to consider. What makes this option attractive is the fact that donor hair is almost unlimited. So even if you have gone completely bald and have very little body hair, it is still possible to get hair implants for your scalp.

No growth

Artificial hair is made from synthetic fibers and does not have the ability to grow like real hair. So once these have been planted on a person’s scalp, they will remain the same length forever unless cut. This portion of your hair will have to be avoided whenever you get your haircut otherwise they may have to be replaced if you don’t like the new length.

Matched to your own hair

Artificial hair can be matched to natural hair to make it almost indistinguishable from a person’s real hair. Texture and color of the hair can be adjusted to match the surrounding hairs and it can also be made curvy, wavy or straight.

Pre-surgery testing for sensitivity

There are some people who are sensitive to the fibers that are used in making the hair so those who are considering this option will have to undergo a test for this. Around 1% of persons who have go through the test react badly to it.

Regular maintenance

Since the hairs are synthetic they will require regular maintenance. This involves regular checkups, usually once every month or two and regular cleaning of the scalp with a special formula. This ensures that the quality of the fibers remains good and infection is avoided. This is very important because unmaintained artificial hair will cause infections and eventually necessitate removal and might even leave scars.

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